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Meet our Creative Team - The Amazingly talented group of artists that bring you inspiration and demonstrations of products in action!

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I'm Nancy Watson of NancyBee Designs and I have been creating art for many years. I began painting furniture about 8 years ago and quickly started painting decor and updating treasures found at thrift stores and garage sales. Knowing I'm giving a new life to something outdated, unwanted and would take up room in a landfill makes me very happy. The first rice paper I ever used was Decoupage Queen rice paper and I was instantly hooked. I now incorporate rice paper into most of my projects and I find when the paper is in my hands it inspires me to create beautiful things. My style is definitely all over the place as I love everything from French country and old-world textured finishes to cottage style and industrial. 

   I'm married with two grown sons and live in the beautiful wooded suburbs of Pennsylvania with my husband, two dogs and an ever changing number of backyard chickens. About a year ago my mom and I began sharing a booth in an antique store in New Jersey and I feel so fortunate that not only do I now have a place to show and sell my creations, but I also get to work with my 80 (something) years young mom! It's funny, looking back at my childhood, I remember having an old school desk in the basement and I recall how I loved to play teacher. Now I find teaching has become one of the things I love about what I do. When I get a message from someone asking me how to use a product or how to create something specific, I'm thrilled to share what I've learned and realize I'm so lucky to not only have found my passion but to be able to share it with others. 

Kirsten Scannon Transparent.png
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Hello from Virginia, USA!

My name is Kirsten Scannon and I am the owner/artisan behind recollection reliKS. All things creative are my passion and I love to create using mixed media on objects small and large including furniture. Thrifting and picking lead to the transformation of many a treasure!  Some of my favorite motifs include leaves, birds, dragonflies, butterflies and florals; pretty much anything nature provides! 


Though I've always created and crafted, I had been in a long slump from the arts and crafts world up until October 2019 when a friend introduced me to chalk painting. This lit a fire in me! Since that time I've retired from a career as a RN and opened my small business. 


I live in rural Virginia with my husband of nearly 30 years, our youngest son, Alec, and part time with his son, Mason-our first grandchild. We also have our Golden Retriever, Charlie, Maximus our Goldendoodle and PIppa our princess tabby cat. Our eldest, Brian, is in the US Air Force and he's supported by his wife, Samantha and two tiny humans, Brian and Gemma. We love our grandchildren! Teaching and spending time with them crafting and playing is my greatest joy!


 Happy creating!

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Hello Everyone! My name is Emily, and I am the artist behind Fantastical Finishes! 


A little about myself...

I was born in Virginia, but I grew up in Minnesota, and that is where I currently reside. I am 27 years old and I have two cats, Cookie and Monster. I have my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and Fine Art. I love being a nanny and I love doing martial arts, playing piano, and of course I LOVE being a furniture artist!


Two years ago, I was looking for a makeup vanity for my home, but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. So I decided to make one myself! I found a disheveled, vintage mahogany desk and made it over to exactly what I wanted. Ever since then, I have been hooked and I am so grateful I have found a creative outlet that people can enjoy and use! I love turning furniture and jewelry boxes into one-of-a-kind, custom works of art. I learn more and more each day and I am excited for this journey I am taking.


I am so ecstatic to be part of the Royal Court Creative Team and I can't wait to create and share with you!

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Hello Lovelies,

A little bit about me… my name is Iuliana, I am from Romania and I have moved in London 10 years ago. Moving here was a big challenge as I couldn’t speak or understand any single English word, and this made my start here quite difficult. However, I do like challenges, so here I am, after 10 years calling this country my home. 

In my daily life I am working as Commercial Ops Director for a Training Facility in London. This job is keeping me very busy, and in some point, I have realised I need to escape and disconnect at least time to time from my work…and the escape come in the form of creativity …

I believe that there are many ways to express our feelings, thought and desires. We can use songs, words, images, motion. I do it in my own way…creating shabby chic items, upcycling, turning something plain in something ‘’one of a kind’’. Expressing my creativity is my meditation, my relaxation, my therapy.

I do all my crafting in a small corner of my living room and I am dreaming of a large and sunny crafting room ☺

I am inspired by everything, but loving shabby chic and vintage style, the French and English cottages provide an endless source of inspiration. I think I am still on the journey to discover my own style…and while I love to try different styles, new techniques and colours, seems like I always come back to soft pink and floral designs

I am happy and proud to be part of the awesome Team, and I can’t wait to see where this goes!


With Love, Iuliana from Love Shabby Chic

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Hi Everyone, My name is Teri Lightsey.

I’m from the Central Valley in California. I’ve lived in California for most of my life, but have also lived in Hawaii, Arizona and Nevada.

I’ve always loved art. When I was younger, I had a vast collection of stickers, pens, pencils, paints and papers. It wasn’t until I took my first art class in school that I really found love for all things art but unfortunately never pursued it.

Funny enough I went to school and majored in accounting and have been an accountant most of my adult life and a mother to two amazing boys. It wasn’t until 2008 when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer that I turned to art to help relieve my stress and anxieties.

It was the best medicine ever. I started watercolor painting and making scrapbook albums. Then I found mixed media and art for me now is endless.

Whether it’s a canvas, a piece of scrap or re-doing furniture I love it all. I don’t have a particular style I just love to create. 

I’m honored to be a part of The Royal Court Creative Team and look forward to sharing my art with you all.

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Hello, hello, hello!

My name is Sarah! 

First, the basics:

I have spent most of my life in the Cincinnati, OH area in the US. I focused on Chemistry & Psychology in college and am a Research Scientist at a large R&D company—the day job! I am a Momma to 7 (yes, 7!). My husband and I have been married for four years now (we met at the Kraken, and were married by Elvis roughly 6 weeks after we started dating ….yes, the details are juicy). We have an absolute blast raising our blended family—age 7mo to 26yr! The days are long, but my gosh are the years short! 

Now for the artsy stuff (Sarah’s passion!):

I grew up around VINTAGE! My dad was a clock aficionado— antique clocks and vintage furniture were a way of life. My brother and I were inevitably carted to antique malls, flea markets, garage sale at the crack of dawn so many weekends of our childhood. I was immersed in the thrill of the hunt at a young age if you will. Finding vintage goodies to redesign and renovate to breathe some new life into diamonds in the rough! 

I was so busy with life that I lost a little bit of the ME somewhere along the way. When I decided to paint my vintage oak dining set instead of tossing it, part of me woke up in that moment, a spark was lit! 

I decided to fan that flame by starting my small business Vintage Luxe Design Co. in May  of 2020. I fell in love with the artsy side of myself. 

My business is centered around “Turning the Ordinary into Extraordinary!”. I hunt down vintage furniture and home decor and redesign and recreate it as I see it my mind’s eye. 

My style is heavy on Whimsical, Shabbychic, mixed with a bit of steampunk/industrial. I adore artists such as Van Gogh (my son is named after him), Escher & Dali—our home is filled with artistic bits in every room!  Alice in Wonderland is one of my true loves in life ( I have almost a full half sleeve of tattoos dedicated to her world! I was fortunate enough to spend a total of 5 weeks living and traveling in France in 2018. Those cultural experiences along with some time spent exploring Italy have heavily influenced my artistic direction. 

Bottom line….I love art! It is nothing but  fulfilling to take a blank canvas and transform it via the creative process with decoupage papers, moulds, trims, all the paint colors, stencils, metal decorative pieces—-I light up inside! 

I learned how to create and pour small batch soy candles as well this past year—I hunt down vintage glassware to pour my candles in—reuse & repurpose is a theme for the gorgeous vessels I find! 

I am absolutely thrilled to be a member of The Royal Court Design Team and I am so excited to show you all of my creations! 



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Hi, I’m Denese, better known as Dolphin Delite DesignZ.

During the day I’m a workaholic executive and by night I am a mixed media artist.

I am blessed to have found my soulmate, my wife of 26 years and I have two grown children and some grandkids. As the daughter of an extremely talented artist, I have been surrounded by art my whole life but somehow it never occurred to me to try. My journey over the last few years has been incredible and truly enlightening.

It has taught me anyone can create and reminded me that art is very personal and everyone interprets pieces differently...

What looks like junk to one person is beautiful to another and that we can be our own worst critics.

About six years ago I became fascinated with Alcohol Ink as each piece is spontaneous, unique, and beautiful. One day I watched a video by an artist whose style absolutely fascinated me, and I fell in love with mixed media.

I have discovered a love of using mixed mediums to create texture, depth, and color with highly pigmented inks, acrylics, metallic waxes, and art sprays. Everything I look at has a potential use, from nuts & bolts to broken jewelry or paperclips.

I use anything and everything in my art. I also love using resin in molds to create focal points and depth. My style is with heavy emphasis on steampunk, gothic, and grunginess (although I have been known to throw some flowers in there).

To this day, I am still caught off guard when someone refers to me as an artist!

I am excited to join The Royal Court Design Team and share not only my art but hopefully some of the

knowledge I have gained in my journey to help that next creative soul believe they too can create

beautiful art!