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Heavy Body Gel - Pentart 101 - Episode 1

How to Use Pentart Heavy Body Gel

Heavy Body Gel from Pentart is a thick, textured paste used in mixed media. There are two varieties available, glossy and matte. The glossy heavy body gel dries transparent with a glossy finish and the matte dries opaque, with a pearlescent, milky white matte finish. We demonstrate in episode 1 a variety of uses for heavy body gel, including:

  • Glue - A thick, quick grab glue for castings, metal objects and other mixed media assemblage embellishments. We love using it on our castings for furniture and smaller projects. The grip is strong and immediate, even with heavier items. When gluing items down, always clean up any excess glue that may seep out around edges with a brush.

  • Stencil paste - Use alone or with mica powders or pigments to create an endless combination of colors. Remember the transparent and opaque properties will affect how the product responds to pigments. Heavy body gel can be painted over.

  • Thin moulds - to create flexible castings of lace type thin moulds.

  • Texture paste - add galaxy flakes, glitter, or anything else that strikes your fancy to create a paste. Galaxy flakes will show best when used with glossy heavy body gel as it dries transparent.

If you missed Episode 1, you can watch it here:

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