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How to use Pentart Glitter Paste & Pen

Whether you're a scrapbooker, junk journal enthusiast, decoupage artist, mixed media creator, or anyone with a passion for crafting, we have something exciting to share with you. In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the dazzling universe of Pentart Glitter Paste and Pens, a versatile and sparkling product that will make your project stand out!

How to use pentart glitter paste and pen

What is Pentart Glitter Paste & Pen?

Pentart Glitter Paste & Pen is a must-have addition to your crafting toolkit.

This fun and versatile product comes in a stunning array of colors, including Iridescent, Light Green, Silver, Lilac, Rainbow, Gold, Red, Brass, and Purple. Whether you're working on Christmas decorations, gift-making, or any other creative endeavor, these glitter pastes and pens are here to add that magical touch to your projects.

Key Features:

Pentart Glitter Pen on christmas tag project
  • Variety of Colors: With a wide range of colors at your disposal, you can find the perfect shade to complement any project.

  • Multiple Application Methods: Pentart Glitter Paste can be used as a paste, brushed onto your project, or applied through stencils. The pen-type container allows for precise application, making it ideal for lettering, hand-drawn elements, dots, contouring, and more.

  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of crafts, including scrapbooking, journaling, decoupage, and mixed media art.

  • Long-lasting Sparkle: Once dried, the glitter paste and pen create a shimmering effect that lasts, ensuring your creations continue to sparkle over time.


Creating Gradients and Stencilling with Pentart Glitter Paste

  • Have you ever wanted to add a gradient effect to your projects? With Pentart Glitter Paste & Pens, it's a breeze. While the paste is still wet, experiment with different colors to achieve stunning gradients that transition seamlessly. This technique opens up a world of possibilities for your crafting.

  • Stencils are a crafter's best friend, and Pentart Glitter Paste takes stenciling to the next level. You can apply the paste thickly with a palette knife through a stencil to create a raised stencil effect, adding depth and texture to your designs. Alternatively, use a brush to stipple the paste for a smoother, elegant finish. The choice is yours, and the results are extraordinary.

Where to Find Pentart Glitter Paste & Pens

Excited to get your hands on Pentart Glitter Paste & Pens? You're in luck! These shimmering wonders are readily available at numerous stockists across the USA.

To find a retailer near you, use the retailer locator tool here: Find a Retailer Near You.

How to Video Demonstration

Our Creative Team Coordinator, Nancy Bee Designs created this video talking through various uses of Pentart Glitter Paste and Pens.

Watch as she demonstrates techniques, shares her expert insights, and provides a wealth of inspirational ideas for your creative adventures.

Join Our Crafting Community

At The Royal Court Arts and Crafts, we're all about fostering creativity and sharing inspiration.

We invite you to become a part of our vibrant crafting community.

Share your Pentart Glitter Paste & Pens projects, ask questions, and connect with fellow crafters in our Facebook group: Decoupage & Mixed Media Inspirations.

Let's Sparkle!

Pentart Glitter Paste & Pens are the perfect companions for crafters who want to infuse their projects with a touch of magic.

With a wide range of colors and versatile application methods, the creative possibilities are endless. Watch our demonstration videos, let your imagination soar, and transform your crafting projects into dazzling works of art.

Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting on your creative journey, Pentart Glitter Paste & Pens will add that extra sparkle you've been looking for. Explore the endless potential of this fantastic product and start crafting with a shimmer today!

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