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Stone Effect, Moss Effect and Grass Pastes - Pentart 101 - Episode 5

Pentart Moss Effect paste, Stone Effect Paste, Grass Effect Paste

Let's talk about some more specialty paste products. Stone effect pastes, moss effect and grass pastes are all water based colored pastes that can achieve very unique effects for mixed media. All can be applied to virtually any surface without the use of a primer.

Stone Effect Paste has dries opaque with a rough, somewhat gritty texture. It is easy to spread with a palette knife or silicone spreader. Like deluxe paste, it can be used through a stencil, or applied directly to the surface with a palette knife to create unique colored textures. Stone paste is excellent for simulating the looks of concrete, stone or brick and comes in eight earth toned colors. The colors can be mixed together or used independently. You can also paint over them or add pigments to create different color compinations.

  • Brown Granite

  • Green Granite

  • Limestone

  • Cement

  • Anthracite

  • Clay

  • Terracotta

  • Sandstone

Moss Effect and Grass Pastes are green in color and can also be applied with a brush or palette knife. When heated with a heat tool, the products expand and create the look of either moss or grass on the surface. Be careful when using the heat tool to hold it about 8" away from the heated area and to avoid burning. Also be mindful that if you hold heat too long on a plastic object you can warp the plastic. Moss Effect comes in dark green and light green and the Grass effect is more of a bright green color.

For a full demonstration of how we achieved these looks, watch Episode 5 here:

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