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Antiquing Gels – Pentart 101 – Episode 19

Pentart Antiquing Gels. How to use guide

Antiquing Gels have a water – based consistency that is very easy to apply and spread to achieve an antique effect. Due to its wax content, it is water repellent and provides 

protection to the surface. Antiquing Gels are the perfect curated colors. 

Project example created with Various Antiquing Gels
Project created with Various Antiquing Gels. Project by Kirsten Scannon

  • Black

  • Brown

  • Umber

  • Ocher

  • Olive

  • White

  • Patina Blue

  • Patina Green

Antiquing Gels are very similar to Lasur Gels. We'll talk more about Lasur Gels in another blog post. 

How to use Pentart Antiquing Gels?

  1. Before using Antiquing Gels, varnish the surface. Doing so over paint will protect your work.

  2. Apply Antiquing gel over the surface you wish to add aged effect to.

  3. Wipe away excess with a paper towel.

  4. If you're finding it difficult to wipe away excess you can mist the surface or use a damp cloth to re activate antiquing gel. If applying it over paint,  the paint must be completely dry. Otherwise, the two products will blend together.

Pro Tip: You can mix different colours of Antiquing Gels to create a custom color. 

Project example Created with Ochre, Olive and Umber Antiquing Gel
Project Created with Ochre, Olive and Umber Antiquing Gels. By Miriam Fayez

Antiquing Gels work great over textured stencil designs, dry clay and resin castings, and 

cracked textured surfaces. Allow each layer of Antiquing Gels to dry to achieve more depth in your piece. 

Misting more water over Antiquing Gels and then lifting the piece upward will create a 

drippy paint effect. The more water you mist on top of Antiquing Gels and then blot with a paper towel, the lighter the color you will get. 

Tip: Watering down the Antiquing Gels before using will make the gels less pigmented.

To learn more about Pentart Antiquing gels watch the replay of our livestream demo here:

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