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Chrome Powders, and Dipping Paint – Pentart 101 – Episode 10

How to use pentart chrome powders and dipping paint

Chrome Powders are a very interesting and fun medium to use in mixed media and other decorating projects. But what exactly are they and how do you use them?

Let's have a look!

Pentart Chrome Powders

Chrome Powders are paired with Dipping Paint and Transparent Wax Paste. The wax is going to be the bonding agent for the Chrome Powders.

Varnishing is not required.

If you want to varnish, use Pouring Glaze or Varnish Mist Semi – Gloss. 

To use Chrome Powders, you’d need to paint the base black with Dipping Paint.

Next apply the Transparent Wax Paste and then brush on the Chrome Powders.

Use a small amount of Transparent Wax Paste.

Otherwise applying too much will dull the Chrome Powders.

You’re able to mix the powders to create a custom color blend. 

There are 13 Chrome Powder colors totally, three of which are chameleon. ‎

Chrome Powder Colors:

  • Gecco Green

  • Magenta

  • Gold

  • Brass

  • Dragon Eye

  • King Blue

  • Ruby

  • Rose Gold

  • Silver

Chameleon Chrome Powder Colors:

  • Midnight Ocean

  • Rain Forest

  • Scarabaeus

Dipping Paint: 

Pentart Dipping Paint

When opening the container, give it a good stir before using.

It is recommended when doing the dipping process to let it dry overnight and while drying, to hang it over an empty cup so the remaining paint can drip off.  You could brush on the Dipping Paint and accelerate the drying time by using a heat gun, just be careful not to burn the product. This product only comes in the color black. 


To learn more about each of these products you can watch the replay of our live demonstration here:

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