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Classic, Random, and Micro Crackle – Pentart 101 – Episode 14 

Pentart Classic random micro crackle varnish

Classic, Random and Micro Crackle are all two- component, water – based products. Classic creates an antique effect,Random creates irregular crackles, and Micro creates small size crackles.

The thickness of both components will determine the depth of cracks. But it’s more evident in component 2, depending on how thick or fine the cracks are going to be.

These crackle varnishes are to be sealed with water – based varnishes since they are all water – based products. Only Fineline Crackle requires Solvent – based varnish.

Highlight the cracks with Antique Paste, Liquid Patina, Pigment Powders, and Antiquing Gels.

Don’t use a baby wipe to remove the highlighting products. Instead use a soft cloth or a paper towel spritzed with a little water. The water won’t disrupt the crackle like it would with Fineline Crackle. 

Key point:

All 3 crackle varnishes can be applied together onto one project. Just be sure each component 2 doesn’t touch or overlap another.

Tips and tricks on component 1 and 2 of Pentart Crackle varnishes. 

Component 1: All Pentart crackling systems with the exception of Crackling Paste come with component 1.

Component 1 is universal among all of the crackling systems. It’s very important to use a dry clean brush, and once step 1 is applied, do not go back over where you’ve already applied step 1. Otherwise, it will disrupt that area. Step 1 will go on white and dry transparent. Allow it to dry naturally. 

Component 2: Same rule as component 1, to not go back over an area once it’s applied because it will start to mix with step 1 and it’s going to start crackling. Using continuous brush strokes over it, the cracks aren’t going to appear as clearly.

Basically, step 2 is about activating the cracks from component 1. It is recommended to allow it to dry naturally, but using a heat gun will work too. Just remember to keep moving the heat gun.  Otherwise, the product will burn.

Fun Fact: Did you know you can add color to any component 2 crackle? But it’s most effective with Transparent Crackling Gel. 

To learn more about each of these different crackling systems watch our live demonstration in replay here:

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