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Decoupage and Specialty Glues - Pentart 101 - Episode 8

Pentart decoupage and specialty glues what's the difference?

Pentart offers many different types of glues, today we would like to zoom in a little closer on some decoupage and specialty glues that are available.

Decoupage Glue: They are all a bit different and used for special cases, for example, fabric and ceramic. All these glues dry clear, each glue has a different finish, and they are all water – based. 

Types of Decoupage Glues:

  • Decoupage Glue Ultra Matte

  • Decoupage Varnish and Glue Matte

  • Decoupage Varnish and Glue Silky Shine

  • Decoupage Varnish and Glue Glitter

Specialty Glues:

  • Decoupage Varnish and Glue Textile

  • Decoupage Varnish and Glue Ceramic

  • Candle Glue

We’ll talk about Candle Glue later as it has its own category.


Let’s start with Decoupage Glue Ultra Matte:

Pentart Decoupage Glue Ultra Matte

This glue is a bit thicker than the other glues. It won’t go on smoothly, and it dries ultra matte. On the plus side, brushstrokes are not visible. Another key advantage is that when decoupaging on a painted surface, ordinary decoupage glue would show whereas Decoupage Glue Ultra Matte won’t show on a painted surface. It’s an excellent product and a fun fact: Teresa Rene had asked Pentart for this type of glue. So Pentart customized the Decoupage Glue Ultra Matte for her. 

Decoupage Varnish and Glue Matte: 

Pentart Decoupage Varnish and Glue matte and silky shine

This glue spreads easily and evenly, and it also dries matte. It will alter the painted finish when decoupaging on a painted surface. 

Decoupage Varnish and Glue Silky Shine:

Gives a glossy finish as it contains fine glitter. It’s best to stir the glue before using it because the glitter will usually be at the bottom of the jar. 


Specialty Glues: 

Decoupage Varnish and Glue Textile: 

Pentart Decoupage varnish and glue textile

Is a glue meant for fabrics. When using this glue, use a heat press with an iron on cotton setting for 2-3 minutes. The instructions state that it can be machine washed, but I recommend washing before using this product and not afterwards as it could ruin your piece. This glue is a little thick, and it goes on almost like a paste. Another tip to remember is that this glue works best on natural fabrics and leather, but it won’t work on synthetics or treated fabrics. If you have a weave or particular fabric that is a bit more porous, you can prime the surface first with Fabric Medium. That will give it a better surface for the Decoupage Varnish and Glue Textile to stick to. But I’ll talk about the Fabric Medium later on because it has its own category. 

Decoupage Varnish and Glue Ceramic: 

Pentart Decoupage varnish and glue for ceramic

Just by its name, you can see it’s used for ceramic, porcelain and glass surfaces. Be mindful that you need to make sure the paper you’re decoupaging with is completely glued down, and allow it to dry completely for 24 hours. Then bake it in the oven at 285 F to cure it, and then it’ll be dishwasher safe. But I recommend handwashing rather than using the dishwasher. 


For more information on each type of glue and to see them all in action watch the replay of our live demonstration here:

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