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Foils, Flakes, Décor Glue Tacky, 3D Glue Paste – Pentart 101 – Episode 12

Pentart Foils, flakes, metal leaf

Foils and Flakes are all used with Décor Glue Tacky and 3D Glue Paste. There are two types of Flakes, colored and metal.

Colored Flakes are plastic based, so they do not contain any metal. Seal the Flakes with a water – based glossy varnish to retain the shine. 

Each pack contains 1 gram of flake. Colored Flakes comes in a variety of colors. 

  • Black – Gold

  • Blue- Gold

  • Red

  • Green

  • Pink 

  • Blue

  • Baroque Gold

  • Dark Purple

  • Light Purple

  • Green – Silver

  • Rose Gold

Colored Foils: They create a metallic sheen and are also plastic based, so seal with a water – based glossy varnish. The Foils are a bit smaller than the Décor Foils, but they are very similar; Décor Foils have a plastic backing while Foils are a sheet of foil. Use foils with the same method as using Metal Leaf Sheets.


  • Green

  • Pink

  • Baroque Gold

  • Dark Blue

  • Dark Purple

  • Red

  • Light Purple

  • Rose Gold

Décor Foils: another plastic based product which was originally intended to be used by furniture artists. They come in five sheets. Using Pouring Glaze emphasizes the color of foils. Décor Foils can also be sealed with a water – based glossy varnish.


  • Hologram Galaxy

  • Silver Holographic

  • Holographic Breaks

  • Holographic Frozen

  • Holographic Glitters

  • Hologram Champagne

  • Hologram Spots

  • Hologram Gold

  • Metallic Bronze

  • Metallic Magenta

  • Metallic Bordeaux

  • Metallic Green

  • Metallic Gold

  • Metallic Red

  • Metallic Silver

  • Metallic Blue

Metal Flakes: Create a gilded or metallic surface. They contain 1 gram of flake. To seal with Metal Flakes,  use a solvent – based varnish or Pouring Glaze, because it contains metal. If sealed with a water – based varnish, over time the metal content will begin to oxidize.


M 1 (Silver – Copper)

M 2 (Gold – Blue)

M 3 (Gold – Silver – Copper) 

M 4 (Blue – Copper – Gold)

M 5 (Copper)

M 6 (Gold – Silver)

M 7 (Gold)

M 8 (Silver)

M 9 (Pale Gold)

M 10 (Gold – Copper)

To learn more about each product and see them in action watch our livestream demonstration in replay here:

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