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Pigment Fix, Metal Powders, and Liquid Metal – Pentart 101 – Episode 9

How to use pentart liquid metal, metal pigments and pigment fix

Liquid Metal and Metal Powders with Pigment Fix give beautiful shines.

But let’s talk about each one separately. 

Liquid Metal:

pentart liquid metal

Is a high metal pigment solvent – based product, so it does have an odor, whereas Metal Pigment is water – based. The solvent – based pigment needs a solvent cleaner to clean your brush or sponge. When using Liquid Metal, it needs to be shaken really well and stirred with a popsicle stick because sometimes the pigments get stuck on the bottom of the jar. Liquid Metal comes in a variety of colors.

Liquid Metal Colors:

  • Gold

  • Antique Gold

  • Silver

  • Brass

  • Copper

Liquid Metal can be used on as a painting agent or in a dry brush technique. It looks best on dark/black surfaces verses white. You’re able to seal your work by using a solvent – based varnish, but you could also seal your work before applying Liquid Metal since it’s not required to seal it. Curing time is longer, and it’s sticky for a while.


Metal Pigment: 

pentart metal pigment and pigment fix

Is usually paired with Pigment Fix. It does not have any smell unlike the Liquid Metal. It does, however, contain real metal. It can be mixed into resins, solvent – based varnishes, or sprinkled onto sticky surfaces in mixed media or scrapbook projects. Metal Pigment gives a very shiny look resembling real metal. 

When mixing Metal Pigment with Pigment Fix, it’s recommended to measure how much you’ll need because the solution does dry very quickly. Metal Pigment comes in a variety of colors.

Fun fact: you can mix the pigments together to get a custom blend color. 

Metal Pigment Colors:

  • Gold

  • Rose Gold

  • Champagne

  • Antique Gold

  • Copper

  • Fiery Gold

  • Sparkling Silver

  • Silver 


Pigment Fix: 

Is a top coat for the Metal Pigment. It’s a medium that is water – based, used with pigments or glitter powder. It dries transparent and it’s shiny. It’s best paired with Metal Pigment Powders and can be made into a paste or a paint. To make a paste, you need to mix Pigment Fix into Metal Pigment. You’re able to control on how thick or thin you want the solution to be based on how much Pigment Fix you mix in. 

To learn more about these products, see them swatched and mixed together watch the live demo replay here:

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