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Specialty Glues – Pentart 101 – Episode 11

Pentart Gem, metal leaf, hobby, 3D glue

We’ll be talking about glues: 3D Glues, and Tacky Glue, the differences between and different uses for each specialty glue.

Express Glue is the perfect glue to use when using MDF, wood kits, or buildable kits. It dries very fast and dries clear. 

Hobby Glue: Similar to Elmer’s glue, it’s an all-purpose basic glue for light duty projects. It also dries clear but takes a bit longer to dry. 

Paper Glues: are great for paper crafting, journals, notebooks, and scrapbooks. It doesn’t warp the paper when using unlike most glues would. There are two different types of Paper Glues, matte and clear. The matte does dry clear but it gives a matte surface, while the clear dries glossy. 

Gem Glue: for rhinestones, and gems. It’s not quite like E6000. It requires a heat setting to activate the glue to create a strong bond. It can be used on fabric and can be machine washed without losing any gem stones. 

3D Glue Paste and 3D Glue Pen: This product is great with Décor Foils, Metal Leaf Sheets, and Flakes.

The 3D Glue Paste is thick and can be used through a stencil. It takes about an hour and half to dry and will dry clear. Once dried, it stays tacky. When using this glue with foils, it needs to be sealed with a water – based varnish, as the foils are plastic. When using it with Metal Leaf Sheets, it needs to be sealed with solvent – based varnish because the Metal Sheets contain real metal. It doesn’t require any sealing unless you’re using it on furniture.  

Pro tip: Any product that contains real metal will require a solvent – based varnish. 

3D Glue Pen: It’s the exact same product as the paste, but in pen form. It’s easier to use when wanting to outline part of your projects. With the 3D Glue Pen, you can draw out your designs. It takes longer to dry because it tends to get thicker in some areas when drawing.

Regular Tacky Glues for Metal Leaf: 

There are three glues that remain tacky which you can apply to Décor Foil and gold leafing products. All of them are water – based products.

Hobby Glue: This glue is meant for crafting tile. You can use it for Décor Foils, Velvet Powders, and Vellum paper. It can act like a universal glue, used in between two sheets of paper, but it will remain tacky. This is a craft grade glue. 

Metal Leaf Glue: A high grade glue that was designed for mixed media projects. It comes in a small jar. You’d brush or dab it on your project whether it be a stencil or just around some edges for metal leafing. This glue does take time to dry. 

Dekor Glue Tacky: this glue is the powerhouse. It was designed for furniture artists similar to Dekor Chalky Paint. Pair this glue with Velvet Powder, Glitter, Décor Foils, Flakes, Metal Leaf Sheets, and Pigment Powders. It’s easy to spread and dries without brush strokes. To use, apply a thin even layer. It will dry fast, which is perfect!


To learn more about each one of these glues and see them in action, watch our livestream demonstration here:

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