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Velvet Powder- Pentart 101 – Episode 20

How to use Pentart Velvet Powder

Velvet Powder is a smooth powder that sticks easily onto wet paints, pastes, Hobby, Tacky Glues, and double- sided adhesion tapes. It

Example of Pentart Velvet Powder in Brown colour
Brown Velvet Powder on decorative Christmas Deer.Project Created by Teri Lightsey

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • Pink

  • Light Green

  • Orange

  • Dark Brown 

  • Grey

  • Turquoise

  • Green 

  • Red 

  • Earthy Brown

  • Black

  • White

  • Citrine

  • Royal Blue

  • Garnet Red

  • Beige

Velvet Powders do not have an expiration date and are available in two sizes pen tube and a jar.

Project example using red pentart velvet powder
Red Velvet powder used to decorate an Old book. Project by Nancy Bee Designs

How to Use Pentart Velvet Powder?

  1. Paint the surface a similar color to the powder color of your choice. That way, when applying the powder if you miss a spot, it won’t be visible. 

  2. Apply glue to the surface.

  3. Generously, sprinkle Velvet powder over the glue.

  4. Press powder down with your fingers or a clean dry brush. Don’t roll it around, otherwise, it will clump together.

  5. Tap the excess off onto a piece of paper and return the excess back into the container. 

Tip: Velvet Powders can not be sealed. Otherwise, they will lose the velvet texture. 

Example of green pentart velvet powder
Green Velvet Powder on Decorative heart. Project created by Miriam Fayez

Other ways to use Velvet Powder

  1. Using Velvet Powders on top of Heavy Body Gel will give a thick and puffy appearance.  You can create a unique embossed design by putting heavy body gel through a stencil, then sprinkling Velvet Powder on top.

  2. Velvet Powder can be used on glass but only for decorative purposes. If it’s handled too much, the Velvet Powder will eventually come off.

  3. Another way to use Velvet Powder is on a canvas bag, using Fabric Medium as your glue. 

To learn more about Velvet Powders and see them in action watch the replay of our live stream demo here:

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